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3 years ago when you i saw you walking at the street alone i felt something was wrong and i came closer to check. You were alone, someone had abandoned you. You had all the stress of the world, i remember putting you water and food but denying to eat. Later on from your microchip we learnt your recent story.


The municipality found you in the streets, took you in the local shelter, neuter you, kept you in a cage for 6 months and one cold day simply released you in the streets. I felt your soul abused. I adopted you trying to help. We dealed together with so many health and behaviour issues with you. You had to be operated to extract about 30 needle like edge of wheats inside your body from the dry wild grass, you didn't know what collar, leash, dog walk meant, you didn't know what dog friends meant and you were afraid to be touched by a human.


After 3 years together we managed to deal with all these things, you realised that you can trust me, come to me when you needed anything and couldn't part with me for a minute. You learnt to live like a dog who had a family that loved and cared for him. After all that, an unfair enemy came to take you apart from us. Bone cancer. It couldn't be operated and we were incapable to help you. Everything happened so quick that in 4 months you had no life quality. Lot's of pain whom finally you were released from.


I always felt that deep inside you felt lonely, maybe because you weren't loved from the young stages of your life. I don't know your full story but i don't want to let you alone up there and i think Luna can find you and show you her gang , where there are so many friends that can keep you company and pets who were so much loved by their humans just like you. Luna knows what to do. I hope she finds you soon and can't wait to learn your stories up there.

With lots of love your family❤️, Evropi


Hier folgt in Kürze eine deutsche Übersetzung.

A German translation will follow here shortly.

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"What you possess deep in your heart, you cannot lose through death."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


"Was man tief in seinem Herzen besitzt, kann man nicht durch den Tod verlieren."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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